All-in-one skin care product for the outdoors Sun, Land & Sea First Aid Spray is simple and easy to use: Just spray it on!

Sun, Land & Sea is the perfect companion for any water or outdoor enthusiast. Sun, Land & Sea can be used on almost anything Mother Nature has going against you. Scuba divers, surfers, SUP, water-skiers, beach goers and nature lovers all swear by this product. Keep it in your dive bag, boat, backpack or first aid kit. Sun, Land & Sea's no sting, cooling mist spray has a long list of uses. Use for the management of minor wounds and minor irritations caused by: • Sunburns and burns • Bites and stings • Dry itchy skin • Cuts, scrapes and scratches • Chafing, sand or salt irritation • Blisters, rashes and plant irritants Sun, Land & Sea can be used safely and effectively with no side effects. Kids love it because it has no sting. It has almost no odor and is easy to apply making this one of the most loved products for the outdoors. Safe on all minor skin irritants, safe on your gear and safe for the environment. Safe to use around eyes, ears, nose and mouth. FDA cleared, made in the USA, BPA free bottles, non-cytotoxic, convenient travel size. Made with natural ingredients. Testimonial “At Pancho’s Diving Adventures we love Sun, Land & Sea First Aid Spray and how it works. When divers see us using this, they ask “what is that”? We let them try it and they always want some. I’ve been diving my whole life and have never seen such a product like Sun, Land & Sea. It will always be used by me, my family and anyone involved with my company.” Pancho with Pancho’s Diving Adventures Cozumel, Mexico Check out our Cleanser/Deodorizer product to see how it cleans/deodorizes wetsuits, diving gear, boats, fishing gear, tents, backpacks, sporting equipment or anything that gets a foul odor.
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